Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Flowers, and Maple

In the cold days of March, I bought a glossy magazine on container gardening and dreamed of spring. This pot was inspired by one of its ideas. I planted the flowers a few weeks ago, but it has only recently been warm enough to sit outside.

I have always loved lobelia, with its tiny blue flowers. I would feel sad when the summer heat would scorch it to dust. It turns out that lobelia is more of a spring thing, no need to feel guilty.

I am fascinated by the thin black lines on the violas. I could stare at them for ages, they look as if someone drew them.

The maple leaves have unfolded right about the same time as last year. 

This leaf picked up its color on its own. I did not even color correct it.

I have had trouble getting back into a working rhythm even though there are lots of things I want to work on. I figured I would start with some spring flowers and build from there.

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