Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pictures I Took Since August

I did not realize how long I had been working on my last art piece, until I posted the pictures to my blog.The last entry was in August. I have been taking pictures, but every time I was in front of the computer, I was working on that image.

These are some of the pictures I took.

I sometimes suspect that my phone camera increases the saturation on its images, but this silver fence really does throw some wild light and reflections around.

One morning in early October the rambling garden of the church arcross the street glimmered in the light.

Gentrification continues in Williamsburg. This brightly painted building facing the bridge is being eviscerated while its pretty shell remains.

I tried to photograph through the window to capture the sunlight filtering down through the roofless ceiling.

The graffiti monsters at the building's base looked forlorn behind the scaffolding, as if they were imprisoned. I wonder if they will be restored in the finished building.

This empty space will probably soon be filled in as well, the colorful tags hidden behind glass and steel.

A little November light

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