Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ice Light

This is one of those winters of bitter dry cold followed by milder weather and rain. I have had a hard time settling back to work after the holidays. On one of the last icy days, I went out looking for inspiration.

People have been drifting into my pictures. I think it is because I have been using the phone on my camera, and I am not always aware of the the edges.

The quality is the same as with my point and shoot camera. The saturation is a bit intense, kind of like old Kodak non-professional film. Luckily I can tone it down.

I had planned on a new virtual street art site, but it was in one of those parts of town that is regularly scrubbed clean. I was wandering around Tribeca in search of a new spot.

This once gritty, edgy neighborhood has been taken over by strollers. Everywhere small children were being escorted on their morning outings. And it seemed that the women doing the pushing were their mothers and not the typical nannies one sees in other neighborhoods. Actually I think the woman above was someone's nanny, but everyone else seemed like catalog models.

I found a spot regardless, and it has the added benefit of being from a dream. I can make a dream image that will be virtual street art.

After that, I wandered around in the Village, capturing the icy cold light.

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