Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silly Snow

Our historic blizzard turned into a nice little bit of snow. It is pretty snow, but perhaps not worth all the craziness or what Pat Kiernan of NY1 called placing "the entire city under house arrest"

Still, I was only moderately inconvenienced by the lockdown. I felt bad for people who get paid by the hour especially those who work in the evening.

One of the guys who lives at the shelter near my subway stop was hanging around yesterday while the storm was tapering off. He is a bit ravaged by drink or drugs, but he always smiles at me and says hello. He was watching the snow, his battered face lit with joy. He said, "isn't it beautiful? It's so clean, like a waterfall."

At 34th street, the city had totally vanquished the snow as it always does.

There were no cars, not even on 8th avenue leading into midtown.

Elm trees in Union Square park. 

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