Wednesday, February 21, 2007

December light is my favorite. From certain angles it fringes out into the colors of the spectrum. At a distance it glints off of metal making everything look as if it were made of liquid silver. It is really beautiful light but very hard to capture. It moves quickly, sometimes changing while I am framing an image. Here is some December light from a few years ago.

On the first day of December one of my favorite things happened; the subway riders were color coordinated. It is common knowledge that New Yorkers prefer to wear black more than any other color, but they do show flights of fancy. At times it seems that some subliminal message was sent through the city and everyone shows up wearing the same color. This day was dark and rainy. As I walked down the subway corridor, I noticed several people wearing bright pink as if to counter the gloom. On the a train there was a momentary coordination of bright color. A chic woman held onto the pole wearing a yellow jacket and a dark brown almost black skirt. Behind her, leaning against the door was a man wearing an orange polo shirt. I was at the opposite door with a kelly green tote bag with brown flowers that nearly matched the chic woman's skirt. Sitting next to me was a woman whose black handbag was adorned with pink hearts and metallic pink straps, she was also wearing black sneeakers with pink stripes. Towards the end of the car, a young man wore a grey jacket with shocking pink and orange accents on one sleeve and green and orange accents on the other. Seated near him was a woman wearing a turquoise t-shirt which complimented the green sleeve accents. Everyone else on the car was thoughtfully wearing neutral tones. When the subway car is so well coordinated, I feel I should compliment my fellow riders. Other times, when one person's color clashes with the rest, I wish I could move the offending person. "Please," I would say, "Could you just trade places with that woman across from you, your lavender does not match the jewel tones around you." But I restrain myself. No one likes a control freak especially on the morning subway.

Soon I will post the pictures from my latest tag...

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The Gilles images are beautiful.