Friday, February 16, 2007

I found a small aluminum ladder which added two feet to my height. I planned on hanging the tag on the higher rung of the crosswalk sign. I created a square tag with red pictures. I imagined it fluttering delicately between the rungs like a jewel. The reality was a bit harsher

There is more to get tangled with on the upper rung.

Here the tag is trapped on top of the walk sign, barely visible. I like the colors of the picture so I posted it.

This tag was in Williamsburg. Note the gritty edge to the walk signal and the deliciously pretentious "We Are Our Own Art History" sticker.

And here is a closeup without the art history.

I am very fond of the sticker on the top.

Here are some others:

These tags stayed up longer, but I had to get them away from the crosswalk signs. The solution appeared immediately; the street signs are on poles with a long line of holes. I could thread my tags through there and they could fly free. But the fall had slipped into the holiday season. There were so many commitments and so many decorations on the street, I decided to wait for the next round.

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