Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Storm

In the warmth of the early summer, I have been noticing things that are so hard to photograph; the music of songbirds or the smell of freshly cut grass. It is strange to even think of such things in New York which is so much concrete and smog. Still, I seem to hear songbirds in the strangest places. There will be a lull in the traffic and I will hear a song.

Summer storms have a little of everything, the visuals along with the sound and the smell. There is the dramatic build-up. It is usually hot, thunder rumbles in the distance, the light becomes dramatic. Right before the storm breaks, there always seems to be some biker desperate to beat the storm or an ambulance rushing through the traffic, so much tension. And then it hits and the rain smell rises up from the street. The light turns silver and the sound of rain falling takes over everything.

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