Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Hanging Sculpture

I have been working on another hanging sculpture for months.  I hadn't mentioned it because it was so annoying.  I could never get it to balance out and it always looked like some kind of arts and crafts project from the seventies. I left it alone, hanging incomplete and the apartment breezes caused it to get all tangled and ratty.

I just ignored the hanging mess. Over the past weekend, I found myself alone in the apartment for a good part of the weekend. It was cloudy and dark and I was feeling gloomy. Then I started working on printing new pieces for the hanging sculpture. It was a small breakthrough. I realized that I was trying to balance the elements of the sculpture before I even knew where they should go. So I started over by pinning the elements into the ceiling as I did the first time.

It still looks pretty disorderly, but I feel happier about it than I have for a while. For the moment, everything is spinning around in the apartment breezes and nothing is tangled.  I need to sit with it for a while and see what to do.

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