Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surviving the Heat

Over the weekend, I took the planters down and put them into trays.  I watered them profusely and added soil, wrapping the tendrils around in the dirt and hoping they would take root.  The weather has been brutally hot, we hit a record 100 degrees.

The plants are holding up.  The soil was damp even after today's blistering heat.  There are still some yellowed leaves, but I am leaving them because they don't detach easily and I don't want to stress the plants.  Most of the leaves have plumped up.  Some of the tendrils prefer to wander rather than to root, but they are looking less stressed.

I am waiting to see if the plants adapt to the outdoor life.  Maybe if it gets less dry and hot.  I might have to wait until the fall to put them out in the city.  It looks as though I have to limit the drainage as well.  They need to hang onto the water before it evaporates.

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