Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There is graffiti all around my new neighborhood. I have been photographing it with my film camera, but I wanted to take some test shots of the tagged warehouses near my home.

They cover all the walls of one warehouse.

I am trying to decide if they look better from far away, with the neighborhood for context,

or closer to show the detail.

The details are so intense.

There is a play between the detritus and the tags.

I love concertina wire I think it is really beautiful. Most people tend to read too much dark symbolism into it though.

Before I know it, I am focusing on cracks in the walls and scatterings of spray paint. I am not sure where I should go with this.

Meanwhile, my friend Jessica and her friend Seth did some spontaneous street art on a blank wall in Manhattan. They drew portraits of the passers by.

The hearts came for a subsequent tagger. I am guessing the portraits were well received.

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