Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mystery Tree No Longer Mysterious

As I mentioned last week, our neighbor's tree was something of a mystery. When we moved in, it had just shed its leaves into our patio. I did not examine them much. The tree was a bit menacing in the winter with its black hand-like branches.

When I was working in the garden over the weekend, I noticed that it was budding. I felt reassured because flowering trees are usually jolly. Further blossoming has led me to believe that it is some kind of apple tree.

It is adding a soft presence to some of the more unusual siding choices on the neighboring buildings.

Speaking of the garden, I planted a row of shell peas which I did not photograph because it looks like a patch of dirt. The above plant is veronica, which will hopefully send out more delicate blue flowers to attract butterflies.

I also got the "shamrocks" planted. There is a lot of rubble in the soil. I have pulled up rocks, broken class, shopping bags, rubber tubing, bricks, all sorts of things.

There is a growing pile of detritus in the center of the garden which I will eventually move out.

I have saved some of the nicer stones to outline beds. I am really enjoying working with the earth. It is hard work, I am always sore after, but it is deeply satisfying.

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