Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Things have been hectic with visiting French, barbecues in the rain and the young son's birthday. It has been difficult to work on all the art projects that I would like to concentrate on. I actually took pictures today, but they were film so I have nothing to show for it, yet. Waiting for the distractions to subside, I thought I would share this picture of the papyrus I acquired during one of my market forays.

Of course Coco had to get into the picture. I thought she helped tie into the Egyptian vibe; papyrus, cats. I like the way she is balancing on her back legs with her considerable paunch acting as ballast. I once again descend into the frivolity of cat blogging.

Promising something more serious next time.

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secretsoflifeanddeathblog said...

Very Japanese painting! I really like both of these!