Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Street Art Plants, Poppies

Months ago, I made some cuttings for another round of street art. I had left them in the window of the Belle Helene's room, since she closes her door against marauding cats. I forgot about them and they got wild. So finally I gathered up what makeshift pots I had and got to work.

I am working on crocheting hangers. It does not take long, but I do not often have the time to sit and crochet, so it is dragging on a little.

So far I have three plants ready to go. 

The garden is humming along, the big news is that the poppies have finally bloomed.

They are very dainty and have a tendency to wander off over the edge of the garden.

The shell peas were showing so much promise last week, now the plants are turning brown. I do not know if this is just the normal cycle of peas and I missed the harvest, or if something is wrong. Maybe vegetables are a little too ambitious.


Ayesha said...

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secretsoflifeanddeathblog said...

Sweet poppies!