Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JR in New York

One of my favorite artists, JR has been in town putting up his work. He is a French photographer who has been traveling the world making huge wheat paste portraits.

The New York Times did a big article on him after he won the TED prize.  He sounded pretty humble in the Times article, just a simple graffiti artist doing his thing.

I get the feeling that he has deep affection for his subjects. So much art is kind of ironic, with Andy Warhol's ghost snickering in the background. When I saw JR's portraits from Tunisia right after their revolution, I was moved by how he captured the excitement of the Tunisians.

After I took a few pictures of his work, I found others, it was almost like a scavenger hunt. I wish I could make art with JR.

The Wooster Collective has some posts about his work here. 

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