Friday, October 17, 2008


When I was gathering moss the other day, I noticed this oddly romantic church yard on Vanderbilt Avenue. The odd romance comes from the fact that this little yard is but half a block from a car wash and the mayhem of Atlantic Avenue.

The traffic is intense on this block, there is always the noise of cars. In the midst of it all is this tiny patch of plants that reminds me of the gardens of the Cloisters.

A hydrangea plant was still showing some faded blooms, my favorite colors.

There is some fabulous moss growing under the tree, quite velvety.

It spread out past the fence, over the bricks, not in a thick carpet, but in healthy green patches.

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Ben Vee said...

Beautiful images. Like you I love the juxtapose of city and nature. You really caught that. Thanks for sharing I look forward to seeing more.