Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Green

The last time that I blogged about this empty lot, its weeds had been torn out leaving bare dirt. I worried that one of those soulless new buildings would replace the weedy mayhem. I guess I needn't have worried since the weeds are back in full force. The tree is doing fine (a mulberry, also considered to be a weed).

There are even weeds that were not in the lot before, brazenly moving in on the open space.

The weeds were prospering, I wish I could say the same for my moss. I tried making the moss medium for painting. The moss did not grow, it just looked dark and clumpy.

I think my concentration of moss was too weak and maybe I had too much of the dirt the moss was growing in. I will keep trying as long as the cool autumn weather holds up. I saw moss growing last winter but it was milder than usual. This year is supposed to be colder.

Over the summer I took pictures of these weeds growing under a grate.

I felt that I didn't really capture the sense of the weed forest that was under the bars

I hoped that the weeds would push through and search the sunlight.

But they never climbed very high. I think people from the Parks Department were cutting them back. One evening, a few days ago I saw that the weeds had flowered.

They are hardly showy blossoms, but they were like a little gift at the end of the season.

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Jess Ruliffson said...

this one is great! i'm glad to see the green hasn't left us yet...what will you take pictures of when it does? also, i added to you to my list-of-people-to-check-out on my blog.