Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blogging Guilt

I have been feeling  bad about not posting.  Sometimes the daily life gets out of control and spills over into everything. Then I have no time for pictures. I have no time for blogging and guilt sets in. Today I had a moment and took an antsy young son out with me to photograph the dandelions.

They are flourishing in a neglected planter outside my building.  Then we went to check out Fort Greene Park where we planned to drag a bunch of antsy 11-year-olds during an upcoming birthday party.

We took full advantage of the hills in the park.  There were a few "Rocky" moments.

There was also a black squirrel.  There are not many in New York and this one had a red tail.

There were grey squirrels with red tails too and one had a red tail with a black ring.  I do not know what (or which squirrel) caused all the color diversity in the park but it was amusing. Black squirrels are the cutest.

Fort Greene Park has all different kinds of mature trees.  There is a sort of tree trail that winds through the park with plaques in front of the trees describing their names and characteristics.  This is an Osage Orange tree.  I photographed it because I liked the way its branches twist around.  It is a very pretty tree.

Hopefully the ruckus will die down and I will be able to get some more work done.

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