Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain and Blue Flowers

I had other plans for today, different pictures in view, but it rained.  I figured it was good weather to catch the bluebells at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  I saw the end of their bloom last year.  They were at their peak today.

There must be something about the particular shade of bluebell blue that makes them so hard to photograph.  I never feel as if I am doing their intense color justice. 

I guess they are best experienced in person.  Maybe their perfume adds to the color intensity.

I came across some forget-me-nots. They are a bit more carefree, maybe because they are so small.

Meanwhile, raindrops were clinging to the pine trees, looking a little like ice.

The droplets were so still.

Lily pads must be like wax paper.


kip said...

Your lily pads with mercury teardrops are elegant. They remind me of when we played with the mercury from a broken thermometer. It was bewitching.

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