Friday, June 11, 2010

More Guilt

Life continues to interfere with my art making.  There are times like these I guess.  I am beginning to feel they are more frequent, though. I dig myself out of the paperwork to find that the relatively new printer refuses to turn on. So much for printing.

I did manage to pot the cuttings I made back in March. 

I am waiting for the plants to adjust to being in soil before I move forward with my plan for them. I want to wait until it is in place to describe it more. The plants do not really like being in soil and some leaves have turned yellow so I am trying to be patient with this as well.

The weather has been the full span from brilliant sunswept days to dark chilly storms.

Yesterday was one of the sunny days and the light was making everything sparkle even these tatters of fencing.

The light showed up these leaf imprints in the pavement near the Botanic Gardens.


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