Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice

When the solstice came, I was cleaning the kitchen which makes this seasonal picture even more apt.  It is my favorite kind of light, especially prized when it lights up mundane objects.

I am still getting back into things.  Printer troubleshooting does not make for interesting blogging unless it is on a tech blog.  Luckily there was this light.

I did visit the north side of Central Park, the less traveled side.  The place was crawling with children, toddlers and school age, which wasn't surprising given the time of year.  I found an area called the ravine.  The path climbed a lot and besides one troop of students in matching t-shirts, I was pretty much alone.

It was green and wild except for a few traces of the city peeking through, the birds were singing.

 There were no traffic sounds. It did not last long, soon the path led to a fishing lagoon, baseball fields, a bike path and a transverse road.  There seem to be a lot of parks vehicles.  It was all pretty hectic after the calm of the ravine.

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