Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plant Wall

Early this morning I put the plants out. These are the plants that I grew from cuttings, that suffered through the heat of summer, and finally grew stronger and more adapted to life on the street.

I was strangely nervous this morning. Maybe it was that story I read in the Gothamist recently about a young artist who got arrested for painting on paper she taped to a wall.

I needn't have worried, all was quiet as usual. I wish I had been a little neater in the installation.  Maybe I should have repositioned some of the plants. It hardly mattered for when I returned to photograph the plants in brighter light, only three were left.

I attached notes to the plants asking the people who took them let me know how the plants are doing. One person, Albert, has already responded. Thank you Albert for giving a plant a home.

If you adopted a plant, you can tell me about it by email: You can also upload photos to your Flickr account with the tag diderotsblog. Sign up for a free Flickr account here.

I will post more detailed plant care later on.  In the meantime, you can just put the plant and its planter in a bowl by the window and give it a little water when it is dry.

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