Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Isn't Going Without A Fight

Almost every day since the start of spring has been cold and windy. We had snow last week. I tried to photograph it, but it  wasn't that pretty transforming snow that makes everything seem special. It just made my garden look dirty. The mystery tree in my neighbor's yard is sprouting buds, though, so I am staying hopeful that spring will eventually arrive. I started digging up the soil in the garden over the weekend, unearthing the usual nyc detritus; broken glass, cigar tubes, bricks. There were worms which is really good news.

I planted some of the cuttings for my next street art foray. There are only four pots because I am having trouble keeping the cats from playing with the plants, as can be seen below.

They pull the stems out of the water and leave them on the floor to dry out. Cats can be so cruel. Some of the cuttings were a bit traumatized and they are taking longer to grow roots.  I also have a new crop of cuttings that I have hidden on the window sill behind the curtain in back bedroom. They haven't found them yet. Luckily these cats are not really bright.

I used the bottoms of Perrier bottles for the pots. For fun, I stacked the tops on a bottle. I plan to use the tops as shades of a string of lights I have. Maybe it will go in the garden, once there actually is a garden instead of a plot of mud and rubble.

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