Thursday, March 22, 2012


Some moss with crazy hairs sprouting on top...

I had great plans for an equinox bonfire, with Guy Fawkes watching while draped in ivy, but they were foiled by the departure of my daughter.  On Tuesday, she moved to San Francisco leaving a trail of Febreeze scented dust bunnies. So I celebrated the vernal equinox with a round of spring cleaning.

The cats instantly took possession of the space, no doubt thinking that I set it up for them.

The neighbor's apricot tree is in bloom.

Its petals drift softly down like the snow we never got this winter.

My bulbs are coming up.

My rose bush has sent out healthy red leaves.

Voltaire has been lording it over the garden, often sitting on the compost can like a throne.

Coco is more cautious. While her pose is somewhat ordinary here, I like how she has tucked all of her fat away.

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